General Management of Companies in Transition

Sometimes you just need someone to take over. And get it done.

General Management of Companies in Transition

You’re missing a critical member of your management team– CEO, COO, CFO. You don’t have time for an intensive search. You need someone to step in, right now, do the job, improve the company’s position, get it ready for future growth. This is a role that O’Brien Associates takes on. Unlike consultants who apply only theory, O’Brien Associates will temporarily assume the role of any chief officer, and in doing so, reposition the organization for growth and/or profit improvement. We infuse the management team with crisp, proactive planning and communication for more rapid responses to issues and opportunities. Everyone spends less time in meetings and more time getting the work done. Most importantly, our approach allows the owner, board members or CEO to withdraw from the day-to-day operation and concentrate on the direction of the company. Our last task? Hire a full-time replacement. Combine this service with Strategic Plan Facilitation and your new management team begins with goals in place and progress already underway.

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